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How to choose NetSuite Solution Providers

NetSuite is the world’s major cloud-based business management software. NetSuite helps companies handle primary business procedures with a single, fully incorporated Enterprise-wide system protecting financial records, submission, production, CRM, e-commerce, inventory, projects and resource management and more.
About half of all NetSuite customers license and stand up their NetSuite solutions through a third-party partner. Also known as a NetSuite Solution Partner or Value-Added Supplier, these firms generally feature understanding with and expertise in this top cloud-based business software.

It’s important to recognize, however, that while a business can sell you a NetSuite solution, and even get it up and running, that’s not actually a guarantee of implementation expertise.

What is a NetSuite Solution Provider?

Also generally known as NetSuite Partners, a NetSuite Solution Provider is a business application professional and/or consulting company that provides skills designed to provide holistic ERP solutions for companies looking to leverage cloud-based technologies to range their companies. Working with a NetSuite Service is an alternative to buying straight from NetSuite and allows you to buy consulting and support services in addition to certification the program.

Choosing a NetSuite Solution Provider: 3 Steps

Step 1: Discovery

Does your NetSuite Solution Provider take plenty of a chance to really comprehend your business? In the programming world, we call this “discovery”. A good discovery will include the provider sitting down with you and your team to perform a set of discussions in order to better understand your business. It doesn’t take the place of all the workshopping you will have to go through once you have started your project, but it should give the NetSuite Service a very thorough summary of your current business procedures, problems and desires.

If your NetSuite Solution Provider doesn’t spend a while getting under the hood of your company before you buy, find a different provider.

Step 2: Candid

Your NetSuite Solution Provider should be genuine with you. If the option would be not right for you, they should let you know. If your objectives of the program or the provider are impractical, they should be able to divert you. If your company procedures are ineffective, you are very likely to be informed so. And if you want to customize the program beyond identification, your NetSuite Solution Provider should be honest enough with you to baitcasting reel you returning in – even at the price of being unpopular for a while. You might not want to listen to it but it’s better to listen to some facts and have an effective execution than to hire “yes men” and have a badly implemented solution.

Step 3: Testimonials

Make sure you ask for recommendations from your NetSuite Service. Testimonials should provide confidence for you to returning your final choice. If your NetSuite Solution Provider doesn’t have any NetSuite recommendations, it should band alert alarms. In nevertheless, you can connect to their current clients and ask them to make sure their encounter. The review should help to build believe in and reliability in advance of starting the process of. Look for claims which promote product knowledge, company expertise and stand-out client support. Case studies can also help to promote your final choice.

You must assess your NetSuite Solution Provider to be able to make sure that their experience and abilities are adequate enough to meet your needs and that they are a great fit for your effort, preventing these common errors along the way. It’s not just about looking for a partner but selecting the right provider to deal with your business needs and objectives.